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    • An average kitchen counter is roughly 35 sq. ft. you will have enough paint
      products to complete an average kitchen and a 10 sq ft bathroom counter if you
    • Low odor and fast drying.
    • Complete an average size counter in a weekend (about ten hours of work plus dry time)
    • Finish will cover nicks, burns, scratches, gouges and holes. If the damage is extreme,
      you may want to fill the area with plastic wood, sand and complete the four
      step process.
    • Covers metal strips commonly seen to trim out older countertops.
    • Covers any color laminate.
    • May be used on wood, plastic laminate, Corrion and tile back-splash.
    • Heat and water resistant. (Use a hot pad for extremely hot items and a chopping board to
      chop vegetables etc.)
    • Clean with regular kitchen/bathroom cleansers – No ammonia based products.
    • Use kitchen gently within 24 hours and fully cured in 10 days.
    • Do not replace heavy items such as a microwave until fully cured.
    • Color options limitless.
    • No need for plumbers, electricians or carpenters.
    • Little disruption to home.