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Here are just a few of our designs:


The countertop makeovers you see here are great examples of what can be achieved using the

Countertop Transfauxmations process.


BEFORE The home owner was able to save thousands of dollars on this countertop makeover.They were preparing to sell the home and though beautiful, this kitchen needed an upgrade to granite. The owners did not want to spend thousands and then leave it so Countertop Transfauxmations fit the budget and gave them the look they wanted to sell their home.
AFTER:What a great savings and an amazing makeover that helped give the home the edge in a competitive market


BEFORE: This 1960/70′s Kitchen is very typical of the era. Well built and quality materials but a little worn and dated. The tile was refinished as well as the countertops. HUGE savings! See our blog on How to refinish ceramic tile if you have a similar situation.

AFTER:The kitchen counters and tile were completely updated using our process for about $80 in materials. Very little disruption and the finish will last for many more years

BEFORE: This counter was actually free standing – nothing holding it to the wall or counter adjacent. We bolted it underneath and secured it to the wall, filled the gap between and refinished using the four step process.
AFTER: The home owner refinished their counter using our “BY YOU BROWN” design which is by far the most popular. It contains several shades of brown, black and white and works well with most kitchens. Lovely!
BEFORE/AFTER This is such a cute kitchen. It was custom built nearly 50 years ago and was very good quality and still in good shape but the usual story – outdated! It would have cost the owner several thousand dollars to replace the counters as they were odd sizes. The counters were refinished instead and she was able to incorporate some colors from the floor and black from the handles using the recipe for our design ” Chocolate Bytes.
Hi Michaela,I had an old “70’s” kitchen that I just hated. Dark wood cabinets (which I inserted wallpaper into the panels to help liven them up several years ago). I spent the fall painting the cabinets a country red. They were emptied, all hardware and doors removed and very methodically primed and painted(inside and out).
Then completely painted the kitchen from top to bottom, and then proceeded to the ugly butcher block Formica counter tops using your process. I chose black as my base color and 4 shades of gray (from the craft store as suggested). I wanted the black to be dominate so I dappled the gray in a more sparingly fashion. It came out awesome!! I can’t tell you how many people have come into my kitchen and thought I had it “professionally” done. A friend (carpenter by trade) took pictures b/c he could not believe the results. As a matter of fact, he commented to me, “Do you have any idea how much money you saved yourself?
BEFORE/AFTER A very simple makeover using our reg roll design as seen on the DVD. Again, the home owner was trying to sell but a pink bathroom would be off-putting to prospective buyers. She used our design, “Noele” to match the tile floor and neutralized the bathroom.
BEFORE/AFTER This would have been another custom countertop and very costly as the sinks were an unusual shape and would have to be cut to shape. Refinishing the counters was a simple solution and very cost effective. The owners chose our design, “Aubergine.
BEFORE/AFTER This kitchen was pretty contemporary so the owners chose a color scheme that would warm up the large kitchen yet complement the existing black granite island. They chose one of our designs that was mostly black but added a touch of brown to add a richer, warmer tone.

BEFORE/AFTER This is an outstanding makeover and saved so much money for the owners. They used our BY YOU Brown design as it works well with most kitchens. You will see here, the floor was a lighter oak than the cabinets so the colors in the counters pulled everything together nicely.

BEFORE/AFTER A neat little condo with a nice breakfast bar are in the kitchen. The Countertop Transfauxmations update completely upgraded the look of the kitchen and was glamorous when finished.

BEFORE/AFTER Look at the difference here after the countertop makeover. These owners sold their home in no time at all after they applied our process and had the home staged by professionals.