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Our After-Care Instructions


DO NOT use your counters for approximately 24 hours after refinishing. They will be dry to the touch, but NOT fully cured for about 10 days. During this period, you may use them gently; but do not replace heavy items on the counters (i.e. toasters, microwaves, etc.), especially if they have feet. The feet may leave indentations in the surface. We often use small circular felt pads under items such as microwaves so that the feet do not damage the counter (optional).



We re-caulk around your sink area after refinishing your counters. We recommend using a good quality, clear, silicone caulk should you decide to caulk again at a later date.



Do not allow solvents on your counters. Ammonia and peroxide will damage the finish.



Always use a chopping board when preparing food. The counters are tough and durable when fully cured; but, they will scratch under extremely hard use.



You may use any non-ammonia-based cleansers on your countertops.

Do not use abrasive cleaning products.

Keep all paint solvents away from the surface.

Always check all ingredient labels on cleaning products before use.



Use a heat pad to protect your refinished counters from items over 150 degrees. Under normal kitchen use, teapots, coffee pots, microwaves and dishwashers will not damage the surface. A dish fresh out of the oven may scorch the surface.



If you counter stains, you may clean the stain with diluted bleach.



If you have a dishwasher with a vent at the top of the door close to the counter, it is advised that you place a piece of cardboard along the top edge of the dishwasher door to deflect the steam away from the surface for the first two weeks after finishing.



Do not leave standing water on the counter until fully cured. Always dry counters thoroughly after use.


We always recommend that you treat your counters as you would any other surface and to use good judgment when taking care of them.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 440-796-3007.


Thank you.

The BY YOU Team