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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   Is the finish durable?

We tell our clients to treat their newly refinished counters as they would any other surface. As with any surface, a chopping board and/or hot pad (trivet) should be used when necessary for protection. The refinishing products we use have exceptional bonding abilities so the finish will not peel off. We seal the finish with 3-4 coats of sealer. The completed countertop is extremely tough and scratch resistant.

Q.   How does the counter hold up to water and heat?

The finish is water resistant and heat resistant under normal use. It is recommended that you protect the surface from extremely hot items, such as pans, hot baking dishes, etc taken right from the oven. We caulk around the sink to be sure moisture does not seep under the finish.

Q.   Is there anything I should NOT use on my counters?

Do not use peroxide, ammonia, or other chemical solvents near your counter. They will damage the finish.

NOTE: Some cleaning products contain ammonia; however, some manufacturers do offer an ammonia-free version of their cleaners. Read labels to be sure.

Q. How much will it cost to refinish the counter?
We charge by the square foot to refinish your counters and charge a standard fee for the materials. An average counter refinishing costs approximately $650.00.

*Again, please note that this is the average. Costs can and do vary depending on counter size.

Q.   Do we have a choice of colors?

Yes. We are continually adding new designs and color combinations to our selection and we currently have 24 designs from which to choose.

*Keep in mind that because this is paint, we often adapt the finish to complement your home’s décor. For example, if we think the finish would look more appropriate with a little more or less of a particular color, then we will “tweak” it accordingly. Our refinishers are artists have an excellent eye for color.

Q.   I want to round off the edges of my counters. Will this process do that?

No. This is paint so our process does not change the configuration of the counters.

Q.   I have a metal strip joining the backsplash to the counter. Can you refinish that also?
Yes. We regularly refinish counters with the metal strip. It is rare that we leave it exposed. You will not notice it at all when finished as it looks part of the counter. You may remove the strip but they are usually anchored very well and will create a great deal of damage to remove.

Q. After my counters are refinished can I change my mind and re-re-finish?

Absolutely. If you want a complete change later, we can repeat the whole process from start to finish.

Q.   I have a burn on my counter and a few small cuts and nicks. Will the finish cover it?

We can repair deep cuts by filling them with an epoxy/plastic wood filler, sanding, and then refinishing. The great thing about the granite finish is that it disguises imperfections very well. Seams in the Laminate are covered so well that you would never know they were there. Counters look like new!

Q.   How long does it take to complete a kitchen?

The process is completed in three stages and each coat has to dry before the next is applied. Excluding drying time, the average kitchen will take approximately fifteen hours to complete. We usually spread the process over three mornings. If the finish is drying quickly, we will continue working and will be able to cut the time down by several hours.

Q.   What happens if I burn/chip my faux finished counters after they are finished?

After the counters have fully cured, approximately 10 days, it would be difficult to damage them, but accidents happen from time to time. Counters can be repaired by simply sanding the damaged area and refinishing to blend into the rest of the counter.

Q.   How long should I wait before using my counters after they are finished?

A.   The counters are dry to the touch within a couple of hours of finishing and you can use them gently within 24 hours. BUT, you must be gentle with them for about a week.  No heavy chopping and banging around and, if you can, leave items such as a microwave or anything with feet off of them for the first week. By all means use them, but be gentle and dry them off after use. No standing water until fully cured (approx. 10 days).

Q. Do I have to take my sink out?

No. We faux finish perfectly right up to the sink without a problem. We apply a little bead of clear caulk around the sink when the finish is dry. You would never know that the finish did not go under the sink and all edges are clean and very crisp.

Q.   Why should I choose this process over replacing my existing counters with marble, granite, stone, slate, laminate or tile?

There are many, many reasons why. Firstly, the expense of replacing is astronomical compared with the cost of refinishing using Countertop Transfauxmations. Not only is the expense of replacing a huge factor, but there is also the mess and loss of use of your kitchen for several days to consider. It is durable, heat resistant, water resistant, and stain resistant. The finish can be completed in approximately fifteen hour, there is little mess during the process, low odor during the process, no need for additional contractors such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters. The color selection for your new counters is limitless. You can custom match your counters to your existing decor. If you change your decor, you can have your counters refinished to match. You can use your kitchen gently in-between coats.